ASWAP-SPII Project Coordinator Mr Henry Msatilomu says he is optimistic that the project will achieve its main objective of improving productivity and market access for 203,000 farmers.

Speaking on Friday at Kamwendo Model Village in Ntcheu,  Msatilomu said that the project has already reached 201,000 out of the targeted 230,000 farmers with various modern farming technologies through different interventions for increased production of maize, legumes, cassava and sweet potatoe by 20%.

The coordinator said ASWAp has surpassed the production increase target by 2% as production of the said crops has increased with 22%. He further mentioned that a new component of livestock ‘pass on program’ has been added to the project.

The project has so far upgraded 77kms tarmac roads and has improved 1000km gravel roads in the 12 districts where it is being implemented.

ASWAp is also establishing a system called National Agriculture Information system for the Ministry of Agriculture which will be the hub of various agricultural data for the Ministry.

ASWAP-SPII Project Coordinator Mr.  Henry Msatilomu