The component aims at facilitating market access for farmers through improvement of road and bridge infrastructure. The emphasis is on responding to the notable challenges in rural areas for farmers to bring their produce to markets due to poor conditions of the rural unpaved roads. Support under this component is provided in form of two main areas of interventions: (i) improvement of rural unpaved roads (ii) implementation support to the District Councils.


Sub-component 2.1: Improvement of Rural Unpaved Roads

  • The sub-component facilitates similar road improvement interventions as under the ASWAp-SP I, but this time with emphasis on providing more income and jobs to the local communities through the labor-intensive road rehabilitation methods.
  • The sub-component also incorporates more sustainable interventions in form of Low Volume Sealed Roads (LVSR) as these were adjudged to have significantly improved the mobility of motorized traffic.


Sub-component 2.2: Implementation Support to District Councils

  • The sub-component aims at providing implementation support to the District Councils to facilitate proper supervision and monitoring of the works.
  • The sub-component facilitates sensitization workshops in the District Councils on the modalities of implementation of the works in all the 12 Districts and discuss roles and responsibilities the whole procurement process, contract supervision, and monitoring of both works and supervision contracts.