ASWAp SP II optimistic to achieve its goals

ASWAP-SPII Project Coordinator Mr Henry Msatilomu says he is optimistic that the project will achieve its main objective of improving productivity and market access for 203,000 farmers. Speaking on Friday at Kamwendo Model Village in Ntcheu,  Msatilomu said that the project has already reached 201,000 out of the targeted 230,000

Farmers in Mzimba hails ASWAp SP II for support

Farmers from Noah Mkochi Model village under Champhira EPA in Mzimba South District are happy with the support they are receiving from ASWAp – SPII. The project provided inputs for demonstration fields of different crops for the farmers to learn through participation. The farmers were also trained on gender main

ASWAp additional funding registers progress in Ntchisi

The officials from the World Bank, Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Finance has today visited Chabuka Model Village and Chipuka EPA in Ntchisi District where among things they appreciated interventions being implemented in the district by ASWAp SP II The model Village has three villages; Chabuka, Njintha, Njombwa, totalling

Farmer Organizations capacity building for increased income

It is a well-known fact that farmers in the country produce and sell their produce each passing year. But how and where they sell their produce, remains a challenge that needs to be addressed if we are to achieve remarkable economic growth among our farmers. Despite their important role as

ASWAp– SP II in a clean banana suckers propagation drive

Travelling in the steep slopes of the mountainous Thyolo and Mulanje districts, the evergreen cover of tea and bananas ushered a beautiful scenery to travelers just a decade ago.  Not long ago, a good number of graduates we see today managed to complete their education with money realized from banana

ASWAp– SP II Making Strides, Paving the Way for Rural Farmers to Access Markets

It never crossed his mind. As a smallholder farmer, Mickson Banda never thought he would see light at the end of the tunnel. The thought of pedaling a long distance on a rough-surfaced road to access a better market for his produce always left him exhausted. He always knew a

ASWAp-SP II Making Improved Sweet Potato Planting Materials Available to Rural Farmers

    To farmers like Dickson Kamtedza, sweet potato production has been a part of life. The conventional sweet potato varieties are everywhere and he has cultivated every bit of them. However, in the present, the joy of reaping maximum food and financial benefits from the crop lies in cultivating

ASWAp-SPII Rolls Out the Agriculture Market Information System

The Agriculture Sector Wide Approach-Support Project II (ASWAP-SPII) has rolled out the Agriculture Market Information System (AMIS) aimed at achieving regulated and efficient market systems in Malawi. The project has bought digital gadgets for agricultural officers to use for collecting data on market prices for various farm commodities. One of

Manure making

Farmers of Mjintho village under Chabuka model village in the area of Traditional Authority (TA) Kalumo in Ntchisi expect bumper yields this season following the use of manure. The farmers are now able to make and apply manure in their fields after being trained by ASWAp-SPll. Lloyd Moto, chairman of

ASWAp-SPII Geared to Restore Banana Industry in Malawi

In a bid to restore the banana industry, ASWAp-SP II through the Department of Agriculture Research Services (DARS) has intensified banana macro-propagation and community orchards. According to Harold Katondo, Horticulturalist at Bvumbwe Research Station, DARS has produced over 40,000 suckers since ASWAp-SP II started, thus from 2018/2019 growing season. Among

Improvement of rural unpaved roads twinkles hope to farmers in Ntchisi

In Malawi, road transport plays an important role not only in facilitating the mobility of agricultural produce to markets but also enhancing interaction among farmers from different areas, as well as opening up new areas to economic focus. However, lack of access to good roads has been one of the

ASWAp-SP II scores high in Gender Mainstreaming

Farmers in the country, mostly in the twelve districts where the Agriculture Sector Wide Approach Support Project (ASWAp-SPII) is being implemented, have parted ways with the old tendency of making decisions or taking actions in agriculture production basing on one’s gender; credit to the project for intervening with gender mainstreaming

ASWAp-SP II introduces giant Cavendish (Mulanje) banana variety to Chitipa through lead farmers

Apart from ensuring food sufficiency and promoting food diversification for nutrition at household level, ASWAp-SP II also seeks to promote commercial production and agro-processing for market development among smallholder farmers in the country. As one way towards achieving this goal, the project is promoting production of disease-free banana varieties through treatment and multiplication of healthy banana suckers. Timothy Sichilindi,

Swapping bumpy, dusty roads with Aswap’s rehabilitated roads

Malawi is littered with roads that are dusty, rendering travel in some parts of the country an experiment at torture. For traders and other residents in such areas, life hardly presents a tableau of bliss the tag ‘Warm Heart of Africa’ purports it to be. Even when most rural dwellers

Malawi fit for next Aswap funding—World Bank

World Bank Agriculture Sector Wide Approach-Support Project II (Aswap-SP II) team leader Vales Muamvameza has assured Malawi that it is fit for another Aswap funding following satisfactory implementation of the programme. Muamvameza, who is part of a World Bank team on a two-week tour of the project, said the bank

Norway gives Malawi K3.2 billion for ASWAp SP II

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the World Bank has provided $4.4 million (about K3.2 billion) to Malawi targeting farmers in 12 districts under the Malawi Second Agriculture Sector Wide Approach Support Project (ASWAp SPII). The funding will be channeled towards implementation of climate resilience technologies, introduction of new

NGOs promote production of area specific fertilizer

Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) are promoting the production of area specific fertilizer with the aim of increasing productivity and incomes among smallholder farmers in Malawi. The strengthening fertilizer systems through promotion of area specific blending project is being implemented with technical and financial support from Alliance from a Green Revolution in

Malawi receives US$4.4m boost from Norway to strengthen agricultural research

MALAWI – The Norwegian Government acting through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has injected an additional US$4.4 million (about K3.2 billion) towards the Malawi Second Agriculture Sector Wide Approach Support Project (ASWAp SP II). The funds administered by the World Bank Multi-Donor Trust Fund is aimed to strengthen extension and